how to enhance the lecture presentation by Blogging

At first, the blog website gave us a very comfortable feeling because of the nice background; The Internet is really a huge resource that contains information about everything.
Using the message board, we need not to use our real name, just give rewrite to reflect suggestions. Then teacher can get the veracious feedback. And regulate the teaching accordingly. Like this way, we can get authenticity. Because face to face sometime would be embarrassed.
Via blog to issue some investigative matters. It needs instant information. The content should not be too old, we choose recently information.
Intercalate more links to gain many relative contents. Then progress resource share.As a student, we must pay attention to other’s blog as soon as possible. That we can enhance ourselves what we see. We can talk what we interested with each other. We can get real-time communication. We also to update our content in our blog, then attract many visitors to read. We should have own personality. We can’t copy the other’s working. So we make full use our brain as much as possible. The more you thinking, the more sensitive you will.

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