What is happy?

I've learned many things taday. Life should not be filled with work or any other corporeal things. We should enjoy our lives. Wealth is not everything. Work is not everything. Family should be the aim of my life. Let my family live happy is my ideal. Really, only my family can love me without any reasons, only they have the whole love for me. For repaid, I should love them and take good care of them. Working hard can bring me money. I must be study hard; it is the base of work. Seeing my family happy can make me happy too. Happiness is so easy. Make others loved you happy is also means make yourself happy. That is what I've learned from the teleplay.


About love...

Maybe I still a loser in love, or maybe I wasn’t mature. I don’t know why I think like that. And I don't know what love is. I have been failed for two times. Those ever hurt me badly. Now I wouldn’t trust it. Somebody ever thought I was so extreme and negative. To tell the true, I don't care about it any more since that. I think I might be distant. Think about the past, it makes me cry, make me smile…but heartrending at last. I was supposing it well, but just the opposite to what I wish. It makes me disappoint. I have wept so much. Fortunately, my friends support me however. When I felt lonely, they always confabulate with me, let me felt happy, make me smile….
From then on, I become sensible. I clear about what is importance or not. I awoke myself: bravery, I must be strong when what may…happen. Do well ~~~~~


Evaluate my blog

My blog is such simple. There aren’t beautiful flash and many kinds of pictures. Its layout is ordinary. Before I build my blog, I had visited some blogs. In order to understand the model and detail. With teacher’s guidance, I start to build it. The stencil has been chosen, and then I add a clock, a calendar, a message board, and my idolizer’s pictures. Its qualitative is about life. I build it in order to own my personal room and make friends with others that all over the world. Then hope to share what one has learned and what our attitude. I didn’t write my journal every. I write what I want whenever. Write about what I think and what I see. But the interview is very little. That maybe I am not serious about it. I didn’t propagandize it well. I just told my friends to visit it just word-of-mouth. And I didn’t leave messages in the other’s blog, so visitors also didn’t leave a message to me. At the same time, the real life photograph. That couldn’t be attracting. In the future, I want to build it very well day by day, and then via it get more information over the world. Also we can use it to find my job, make more ways to build the work. I believe that the blog will be main tide at aftertime. I can’t be behindhand in the technological and levity world.



Today is Sunday. I get up early this morning. Mother is busy, so she told me to clean the house and do cooking instead of her. These works are so weighty to me, because I should do them all myself. I wash my face immediately and without breakfast. The first thing: depurate the floor from the ground floor to third floor. After one and a half hours, I finish it ultimately. I tried out nearly. I looked at the clock, it shows is 11 o’clock. I need to do the cooking. Then I wash the vegetables and the chicken and add some flavorings……till 12 o’clock dad and mom come back. We have lunch. I feel tried today, but I also feel happy. I found parents are merriness, I feel very well……I enjoy the moment when I get home every weekday. It is so harmonious. It is common, but I like that common. I will treasure the perfect moment. When I still am a student, I will own my job before long. That the new life will become. Enjoy it ……