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My blog is such simple. There aren’t beautiful flash and many kinds of pictures. Its layout is ordinary. Before I build my blog, I had visited some blogs. In order to understand the model and detail. With teacher’s guidance, I start to build it. The stencil has been chosen, and then I add a clock, a calendar, a message board, and my idolizer’s pictures. Its qualitative is about life. I build it in order to own my personal room and make friends with others that all over the world. Then hope to share what one has learned and what our attitude. I didn’t write my journal every. I write what I want whenever. Write about what I think and what I see. But the interview is very little. That maybe I am not serious about it. I didn’t propagandize it well. I just told my friends to visit it just word-of-mouth. And I didn’t leave messages in the other’s blog, so visitors also didn’t leave a message to me. At the same time, the real life photograph. That couldn’t be attracting. In the future, I want to build it very well day by day, and then via it get more information over the world. Also we can use it to find my job, make more ways to build the work. I believe that the blog will be main tide at aftertime. I can’t be behindhand in the technological and levity world.

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Jennifer said...

You are the first visiter I have received from China. My dad use to visit China when he was young, he can speak chinese and sometimes he tries to teach my sons. I would like to go there someday. I am in Canada. Big countries, two different countries. I can see parts of China when I look at Google Earth. They have satellite images of places around the world. You can come by my blog anytime. I will be visiting yours now that I know you are there!