Today is Sunday. I get up early this morning. Mother is busy, so she told me to clean the house and do cooking instead of her. These works are so weighty to me, because I should do them all myself. I wash my face immediately and without breakfast. The first thing: depurate the floor from the ground floor to third floor. After one and a half hours, I finish it ultimately. I tried out nearly. I looked at the clock, it shows is 11 o’clock. I need to do the cooking. Then I wash the vegetables and the chicken and add some flavorings……till 12 o’clock dad and mom come back. We have lunch. I feel tried today, but I also feel happy. I found parents are merriness, I feel very well……I enjoy the moment when I get home every weekday. It is so harmonious. It is common, but I like that common. I will treasure the perfect moment. When I still am a student, I will own my job before long. That the new life will become. Enjoy it ……

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