What is happy?

I've learned many things taday. Life should not be filled with work or any other corporeal things. We should enjoy our lives. Wealth is not everything. Work is not everything. Family should be the aim of my life. Let my family live happy is my ideal. Really, only my family can love me without any reasons, only they have the whole love for me. For repaid, I should love them and take good care of them. Working hard can bring me money. I must be study hard; it is the base of work. Seeing my family happy can make me happy too. Happiness is so easy. Make others loved you happy is also means make yourself happy. That is what I've learned from the teleplay.

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1worklover said...

Hi Becky. Thanks for visiting me on my blog, it was very kind your comment. Unfortunately, I believe you didn't understand too much once I'm Brazilian and maybe Portuguese isn't one of your know languages. Anyway, I hope you enjoy to come from times to times. You'll be always welcome.

Last but not least, concerning this post, you're deadly right when saying family is one of the most important things we have on our lives. Keep it into your heart and mind always and - like you told - you will be always repaid.

See you soon.