About love...

Maybe I still a loser in love, or maybe I wasn’t mature. I don’t know why I think like that. And I don't know what love is. I have been failed for two times. Those ever hurt me badly. Now I wouldn’t trust it. Somebody ever thought I was so extreme and negative. To tell the true, I don't care about it any more since that. I think I might be distant. Think about the past, it makes me cry, make me smile…but heartrending at last. I was supposing it well, but just the opposite to what I wish. It makes me disappoint. I have wept so much. Fortunately, my friends support me however. When I felt lonely, they always confabulate with me, let me felt happy, make me smile….
From then on, I become sensible. I clear about what is importance or not. I awoke myself: bravery, I must be strong when what may…happen. Do well ~~~~~


Gonzalo said...

Hi Becky, with the pain we can grow up and will be matures. Is very common, but the matter is in learn to live. The love is here, there and everywhere, nearest than pain. Just we have take it: is free.
See you
From Chile, Gonzalo

1worklover said...

Gonzalo is right, Becky. The pain is a way to improve our learning and the experiences will happen us to keep growing. However, you must keep believing in Love - the one with a capital "L". Don't jail it inside your heart. I'm quite sure that someone special is somewhere just waiting for you. Bye.